Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Whole Months

My baby girl was two months last Thursday, and had her two month appointment with the doctor yesterday.

She has grown so much... she is 10lbs. 6 oz. which is exactly 4 lbs. more than she was when we left the hospital, and 22 inches long. She is alot smaller than Jackson was at this age, but I think every baby is smaller than Jackson was at this age. :)

She is really a sweet, sweet little girl. Those things that seem so hard the first month or so start getting easierand it starts feeling like you can do this whole "baby" thing.

She smiles and coos and laughs all the time. It is precious. She is sleeping about 12 hours at night and takes a short morning nap and a good afternoon nap. I can't believe how quickly 2 months has passed!

Caroline and Mama. How I love this girl!!!

Our Visit with Amy

My bestest friend, Amy is about 24 weeks pregnant with twins... Emma Grace and Joshua Ryan McKinney. I am so excited for her. They tried for a long time to get pregnant, and now they are being blessed with twins. hey are both very excited.

Unfortunately, at about 17 weeks, she started having contractions and was put on bed rest. On Monday I took the kids and went to go visit or friend Amy, or Neenee, and Jackson calls her.

Jackson LOVES Neenee

We love you, Amy. We wish you the best of luck. We can't wait to meet your sweet little ones!

"I Feel Like I'm Falling for Fall..."

Do all you mothers of young children recognize that song?!

How about this one... "I don't like candy corn, I don't like candy corn..."


For several weeks, we have been wanting to do something "fall-ish" but it seems to rain every friday, leaving it too wet on Saturday for any outdooe activity.

This past Saturday, the sun finally came out so we took a cue from Jenifer and Colby and headed out to the Farmer's Market... and had a wonderful time!!!

Can you tell there was alot going on?! There was no looking at the camera for my kids!

Jackson had alot of fun playing

His favorite was the "orange 'kunkin' house". It is all he talked about the whole time we were there. He is so cute.
I'm so glad we went. It was just what we needed. I have lived here my whole life and we had never been before. We will definitely do it again!!!
Did I mention that all the baked goods were delicious?! I definitely enjoyed that part! :)

Bye, Bye Granddad!!!

My dad has been here for the last several months after taking a job in Winston Salem. He lost his job and for a few weeks tried to figure out a way to be able to stay here close by.

He ended up taking a job in Florida which started this past Monday. We are so happy for him that he has this opprotunity for a job that he will really enjoy, but we will miss him!

Bye, Bye "De-Dad"!!! We love you and miss you!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods...

To Nanay's house we go...

David and Leda had their fall break from school Monday and Tuesday and decided to go down to Mom's house so they could go to Discovery Place and spend some time with Mom. They invited us to come along, which we did, and we had a wonderful time.

Cameron had to work on Tuesday, so he just came down to Mom's house Monday night after work and stayed the night and then went to work Tuesday while we all got to go play. Its about the same distance to Cameron's work from either our house or Mom's house. We all had dinner together Monday night and had Family Home Evening. We also took Jackson to the park just up the street from Mom's house. This was Caroline's first trip to her Nanay's house.

Tuesday morning when the kids woke up, they were so sweet. I believe Caroline is falling in just as in love with her big brother as he is with her. Whenever he sits beside her (which is ALL the time) she just stares at him.
Mom kept Caroline at home so I could go to Discovery Place with Jackson. David and Leda had gome early to see an exhibit they were doing on Pompeii and Jackson and I met up with them in the "hands on" part. We had such a fun time... Jackson most of all, though I think David was a pretty close second!

Of course he loved the water...

... and the truck

He loves his Aunt "Deda"

and his Uncle "Dadip"

Jackson saw this aneoneme(sp?) and said, "a green hat, a green hat". It was really cute!

My cheese boy. He didn't pee in his pants. He's just wet from playing in the water. :)

This area was about weights and pulleys, etc. He loved being a big strong boy. He even lifted a four wheeler (with mama's help of course)

Jackson and Mama after we left.

Caroline took good snoozes on her Nanay.
Thank you mom, and Leda and David for such a fun time. We need to do it again sometime!!!

The Fun House!!!

This past Sunday, Cameron's Grandma and Aunt Shanna came into town for a visit. We were able to go over to Mike and Dalen'e's house and spend some time with them. Cade and Brittany were there with their kids and also Christopher and Christal. We had such a fun time over there as we always do. The kids all had a great time playing with their cousins and we adults had a fun time, too. :) Caroline and her Nana

Kyrah and Caroline... my kids really do have big heads

Jackson, Rylan and Kyrah eating ice cream with PaPa

This picture is my favorite... silly boys... they have a great time together. Rylan is so sweet to Jackson and Jackson really looks up to him.

PaPa and Grandma with their grandchildren. Those kids sure love them!

Kyrah, Caroline and Nana
Thanks, Brittany for having your camera. I would have hated to miss all these memories.
We love you PaPa & Grandma, and Nana, and Aunt Shanna!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Cameron is working late tonight which means bed-time duty (for 2 kids) by myself for the first time. I could use one of these...

Wordless Wednesday

Wannabe thug

This is how Jackson came out of his room when he woke up yesterday morning...
I laughed out loud!

Caroline's Blessing Weekend

Yes, we made a weekend of it, and it was wonderful. . My grandparents came in on Friday, and came over with Dad to see the kids.

Caroline loves Papa's deep voice

a quick peek at Mama

On Saturday we met David and Leda for lunch and then went back to Dad's house to watch the Carolina football game that the officials tried their hardest to make us lose.

Moving on...

sleeping on Granddad during the game

Mom came up on Sunday morning to spend some time with the kids before we left for church for the blessing. So much of our family was there and it meant so much to us. Brittany and Cade and their kids, Jenifer and Colby, Christal and Chris, David and Leda, Mike and Dalene, Mom, Papa and Grandma, and Dad. Poor Aunt Wendi brought Claire and Cole but couldn't find the church. How blessed we are to have such supportive family who we love so much.

My beautiful girl

I know she's crying, but that is that the cutest face you've ever seen?!

After the blessing we went to Mike and Dalene's where we had a wonderful meal. I felt like it was Thanksgiving! Everyone was there, and once again I was overwhelmed at the outpouring of love that was shown to us.

reading stories with Grandma

Papa, Grandma and Dad came over again on Monday to see us one last time before they left. We went to lunch and to the park, got an ice cream cone and then met up later with David and Leda. It was so nice to see Papa and Grandma.

pretending to be "night-night" with Granddad

Thank you to everyone for making this past weekend so special and so memorable. We are so lucky and feel so blessed to have you all in our lives. We love you!!!

A Very Important Date

The biggest adjustment I have had to make in being a mom to more than one child is the lack of one-on-one time I get to spend with my sweet Jackson. You get so used to spending time alone when you have an only child, and when the second one comes, that alone time with your first baby is over. Last Saturday, Cameron watched Caroline for me and I went on a date with my sweet boy.
It was so fun!!!
Jackson loves going to the mall (I wonder where he got that from), so we went and walked around and had a great time.
Jackson and Mama before we left. Once again, not in the mood for a picture

He thought walking through the clothing displays and hiding from me was great fun!

The "guy keem" was one of the best parts

He loves to sit in the cars, obviously, but I never have quarters. Today I did and it made his day

Eating ice cream in a car... does it get any better than that?!

One reason we went to the mall was get Jackson a bag for him to bring to church and other places so I don't have to carry a suitcase :) He feels so special carrying this bag that he almost prances around when its on his back.

We had a wonderful day. I love my little boy. I'm so grateful for the blessing that he is my life and for the sweet spirit that was sent to me that we get to raise. I loved getting to spend that time with him and hope to do it again soon!