Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Last week , mom and I went to Leda's Bridal Shower and had alot of fun. A group of her girlfriends planned it and it was very nice. We met at the Olive Garden for dinner (yum) where we all visited and Leda opened her gifts.

She's humoring me for this picture!

All the girls... thank you Olive Garden waiter for taking our picture!

My Jackson

I LOVE this boy!!!


A couple weeks ago Jackson and I went to fingerpaint with our friends, Jennie and Isaac.

Jackson loved it so much he has asked to paint almost every day since.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

This Month is such a Special One...

Its birthday time for Cameron!!!

I know this post is very late, but I had an overwhelming response to my request. I had such a fun time compiling all the stories that were sent to me, that I wanted to share with with everybody.

For those of you that didn't know, I asked people to send me memories or stories about Cameron that I could tell him for his birthday... and some of them were so fun, I thought everyone would have, and maybe learn something about Camron they didn't know before.

So, here goes...

  • The first time I met Cameron I believe was at David's graduation? Or did Ken and I come down in the Fall for a visit? Anyway, y'all shared about how you both had gone to a Young Adult activity to hush up both your moms and basically it was like the song from South Pacific...."across a crowded room".

    What was most fun was meeting his family. This beautiful home, well educated and employed family, but boy could they turn on the southern charm! We felt so incredibly welcomed and the stories of catching frogs, squirrels and putting fresh road kill in the trunk for Dalene to fix was too much! This was a family who knew how to have fun and I thought how lucky you were to be a part of it!

    I hope his birthday celebration is wonderful --Kim Regan (my aunt)

  • I have a couple of stories. The first one is when Cameron was a little baby and Mike and Dalene wanted me to babysit him. They went out to a movie that night. I hadn't babysit a little one for quite sometime. Things were going great until I had to change his diaper. I had him laying on Mike and Dalene's bed. Forgetting that when you take a diaper off a little boy he starts shooting everywhere. Needless to say here I was trying to get a diaper back on him and getting totally soaked in the process. I kept turning my head so I wouldn't get hit. Finally I was able to get the darn thing back on. The other story was when we were in Grandpa's garden picking stringbeans. We were all out there singing and having a good time. All of a sudden here came Cameron with a lizard on his ear. He said how do you like my new earring? We all laugh and then I think he tried putting it on his nose. The funny thing was the lizard would not let go and big tears came down his cheek because it was hurting so bad. Finally he was able to get it off, but it was really funny. --Shanna Lindorff (Cameron's Aunt)

  • Me and Cameron were water skiing with his dad. Cameron kept trying to get up and trying to get up. The rope got out of his hand and he was trying to get the rope back. The current kept pushing him away so he kicked off his water skis and started swimming for the rope. He just couldn't get it so he started taking his life jacket off. His dad yelled, "Don't take your life jacket off! Don't take your life jacket off!" Cameron did it anyway and started swimming for the rope. His dad was mad and yelled, "Boy if you drown, I'm going to kill you!" --Jacob Davis (childhood friend of Cameron's)

  • When Cameron was about 10 or 11, he was playing in my son Jacob's bedroom. I don't know where Jacob was at the time, but I saw Cameron sitting on the floor alone and I had a "mean streak" hit me. I put on an ugly red "devil mask" and threw a black cape (from our costume collection) around my shoulders and crawled into the bedroom. Cameron's back was to me, so he didn't see or hear me come in the bedroom. I started making a loud breathing sound to get his attention and he looked over his shoulder. He threw his hands up in the air and while shaking them began screaming, "What do you want from me? WHAT do you want from me?" I was laughing so hard but realized how totally frightened he was. I took the mask off and he just looked at me and said something like, "I'm surprised that YOU would do something like that." He later told Jacob, "I can't believe that your mom would do that to me." I felt so bad that I had scared him so badly, but even today as I type this story, I laughed until I had tears running down my cheeks. --Gwen Davis Canady (Jacob Davis' Mother)

  • One day I think Cameron lost a bet to me... but anyway, I convinced Cameron to wear my bathing suit and I made him pose in the back yard on a beach towel while I took his picture. My mom was in the Primary Presidency at that time and I know that no one would ever believe this, but sometimes Cameron would get a little rowdy. One day, Mama quietly told him that she had the picture in her dress pocket. From then on, when he needed a reminder, she'd get his attention and without a word, she'd simply pat her pocket and he's settle down. --Alicia Davis Geddings (Jacob Davis' sister)

  • Our first memories of Cameron took place when Courtney and Cameron came to visit us in Florida before they were married. He seemed like a 'nice enough' fellow, and we initially felt he would be a good addition to our family. Then, the axe fell ! We learned he was a 'DOOK' fan! Horrors ! We didn't even have any DOOK friends, much less family members.After a long period of innumerable sleepless nights, and after anguishing introspection, we concluded that, with supreme effort....and much prayer...we would voice no objections to this union. Thankfully, with few minor exceptions, he has proven to be an OK guy. However, we have wondered upon many an occasion whether or not naming him Carmicheal or Dean instead of Cameron would have produced a more rational human being!
    The second major memory we have of Cameron is the protracted agony he put Courtney through when presenting her with her engagement ring.The fake ring, the emotional roller coaster for Courtney, and, finally, the real thing. But, then, what would you expect of a "Cameron Crazy" ? Typical, wouldn't you say?
    Aaahhhh, Cameron, we still love ya! Happy Birthday, again. --Bill & Martha Johnson (my Grandparents)

  • Everyone always gets a laugh out of Rebecca Owens. Cameron's girlfriend back in elem. school. Also probably one of the funniest stories is when he and jacob davis were playing army in the bathtub together and we all walked in on them. And last but not least is the picture that i have of cameron when he was wearing a bikini. -- Christopher Howard (Cameron's brother)

  • Mom called me and the first thing she remembered was the great 4 wheeler accident. Grandpa and Grandma Reese have about 16 acres where they live and they had a 3wheeler and a 4 wheeler. Cameron had decided he was old enough to drive one. we had debated and Grandpa had decided he was so Cameron road around with the adults for a day so they could make sure he could do it. I don't remember how old he was probably about 8 or so any way. He finally got the chance to be on his own. There is a big irragation ditch in front of Mom and Dads home and he woas only gone about 10 minutes and he came up to the house on foot. YOu got it he had done the thing Grandpa tould him to be careful about --driven the 4 wheeler into the big ditch. He came up to the house. "Grandpa is going to kill me, I know he is. Grandpa is gonig to kill me." He didn't but it sure put the fear in that little boy. It didn't stop the 4 wheel34 stories. One time when we were out for a visit and Morgan our cousin was with them they made a "store" and they even made a sign . Ask Cameron what they had on the sign and ask how it was spelt. That is the funniest part of all. And talking about spelling. At 5 he was reading the road signs all the way across the USA. When he was 6 we had moved back out to NC and we went up to DC to meet my mom and dad. We went to the zoo and Cameron kept asking us about an animal he had seen on a sign. We did not understand what he was talking about and asked him the next time he saw the sign let us see it too. We came around a bend in the sidewalk and there it was the sign for the animal. Say Buzzard and then say Hazard the same. He had see the sign to tell us to go slow Hazard and thought it was about an animal Hazzard. --Arlene Reese (Cameron's Grandmother)
  • Cameron and I weren't always as great of friends as we are now!! Haha! But I remember one time that the protective brother came out in him. He had just came home from his mission and Cade and I were dating. We had been dating for about 3 months. Well Cameron was upstairs at the computer and I was in the kitchen. Some how Cades name came up in conversation and he yells down to me that "Cade better not be going to the same college as me because Cade isn't good enough for me and he would "take care of him"." Little did Cameron know at the time that Cade was in the kitchen with me. Needless to say I think over time Cameron had developed into the big brother role and came around to Cade and we are all great friends now.

    When I asked Cade about this he said he had one word to remember Cameron by...."Spermologist". (which doesn't mean what grandma thinks it does!) I think that about sums him up. --Brittany Haderlie (Cameron's sister)

  • Cameron was only about 2/12 or 3 and he had on his dads green vest and that was all.( It covered all of him but it was funny.) --Dalene Howard (Cameron's mom)

  • Don't really have any stories, per se, but I think the biggest "impact" Cameron has had on my life so far is that he was there the first time Ross and my dad had "alone" time (when we were there for Jackson's baby shower and Ross met my dad for the first time!), so that is huge knowing my dad and how awkward it must have been for Ross! Cameron has such a great, friendly, easy-going personality that I know it was a lot easier for Ross to be comfortable with my dad! :) So however you want to put that into words... tell him many thanks and happy birthday. :) --Shannon Olsen (my cousin)

  • There are several of us out there who know that Cameron portrays himself as a tough guy who doesn't really like other people's kids...but I know differently!
    Courtney was in New Jersey with Jackson one weekend. I actually think it was one of the weekends of the NCAA playoffs, so Kevin invited Cameron over to watch the game. I'm not sure who was playing, but at one point in the night, I glanced over at Cameron and sitting right next to him (actually the correct word would be snuggling) him is my 2 year old son, Isaac. He had just crawled up on the couch next to Cameron and made himself comfortable leaning on Cameron's side. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. So now everyone knows that Cameron is really a big softee!
    Courtney, I know you've heard that story hundreds of times, but it is by far my most favorite memory of Cameron!

  • when Cameron was about 5 years old and we were living in Idaho, he come out one day with 2 pillows. he put on on the floor and laid on top of it, then he laid the other on on top of him and said. Eat me, Eat me I'm as sandwich. --Mike Howard (Cameron's dad)

  • I remember when Cameron was really into the X-files, and he had a TV in his room. Every once in a while I would ask him if I could watch the show with him and he would let me. I hated the show, but I loved spending time with him.

    One memory that Cameron thinks is funny is when he tied me up like a cow. Me, Colby, Christopher, and Cameron were in the kitchen and I was acting silly. Well, Cameron told me that if I didn't stop then he would tie me up like a cow. Of course I didn't believe him, so I kept being a pest. Then they all came after me. They pinned me down and tied my legs and arms together with an extention cord and then put a pillow case in my mouth. They then left me there, needless to say,. when mom came in the house, they were all in trouble. hahaha --Brooke Jorgensen (Camron's sister)

Wow, y'all must really like Cameron or something. I had no idea I would get such a wonderful, overwhelming response. Sorry the spacing is so off... I copied these stories directly from my email, and so it looks kind of funky.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.