Monday, April 5, 2010

Picture update

Finally blogging, but really just a picture update... too much to blog about to do it right...

my beautiful girl!

At our "school" Valentine party

At our friend Jake's birthday party...

the cake I made for our RS birthday at church

These pictures are from our trip to Atlanta a couple weeks ago...

Jackson's "psycho" face

Jackson and I went on a train ride at Stone Mountain. He told me the whole time how much fun he was having, how excited he was, etc. He literally couldn't stop shaking... his whole body was full of excitement.

The cake I made for Kimmy's birthday

Dad and Dianne came to visit for Jackson's birthday weekend...

Caroline pretending to eat when we went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast

at David and Leda's house

setting up his new train set with Daddy

we ate Mexican food for dinner and they sang to Jackson... he loved it!

the spiderman birthday cake I made for Jackson. He thought it was "so cool"

opening presents at Papa and Greema's house

Happy Birthday to my big, 4 year old boy! I love you, my Jacksy!
not sure why I was looking at the camera the whole time...
Hope you enjoy the pictures!