Thursday, February 28, 2008


I got this idea from my cousin Shannon's blog... you use the Google image search and use the first picture that pops up...

I'm not sure why the pictures are so small, but you get the idea...

Occupation... mom

Favorite food... pizza

hobby... singing

favorite animal... cat

A favorite place... Blowing Rock, NC

Where I live... High Point, NC

Favorite Holiday... Christmas

College Major... (would have been) Elementary Music Education

Age at next Birthday... 27

Month of Birthday... October

Plave I want to visit... Italy, but especially beautiful Sorrento

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Enough is Enough...

I hope that after 6 new posts I'm forgiven! :) I love you and appreciate your reading. I need to put Jackson to bed and see who's getting sent home on Big Brother... :).

I'll write more soon... We are going to the Children's Museum for playdate tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll ahve a lot to blog about... see you then!

Baby, Baby!!!

So, I have reached week 15, and have 2 days in a row where I have felt good. I never thought this day would come... I feel like a new woman.

At week 12, I went in for my first doctors appointment. Thank you Brittany for the referral, I LOVE Dr. Tomblin!!!! I knew I would hear the hreat beat, but having done it once before with Jackson, I just wasn't expecting to have the reaction that I did. It was as if I'd never heard it before, it was incredible. Just amazing. So, my exam was done, and Dr. Tomblin looks at me and says... "your uterus feels too big for there to only be one baby in there..." Once I started breathing again, he told me that they were going to have me get an ultr sound so they could see if there was more than one. I sat and prayed and worried and finally my name was called.

Well guess what... only one baby, you can breathe now. Just a big baby or an abnormally large uterus... either way, as long as its just one, I'm good to go. That, too, was so awesome. Seeing the baby on the screen was just amazing. At this satge of development it just looks like a big head, but it is still so beautiful to me so see a healthy baby. Its funny to me the things I don't worry about, but then breathe such a huge sigh of relief when they tell me that its alright.

My latest cravings are...

Cake... I made a coconut cake last week (which one the prize for cakes at our ward Chili cook-off and bake off) and I made a pig-pickin' cake this week! YUMM-O

Sprite... I usually don't drink soda at all, but I can't get enough

Canned/frozen peaches

Fruit Loops

Nothing too exciting... just things I can't live without right now

As of right now, we have a girl's name ready to go... Caroline May. But we are stumped when it comes to boys. Maybe that means it will be a girl!? :) We will know in 5 weeks... I can't wait

I love the Children's Place!!!

Every season, I try to buy Jackson one or two pairs of good shoes from Stride Rite... they are a little pricey, but I feel like little developing feet that are walked on for 12 straight hours a day need some TLC. I had planned on buying him these adorable navy and white saddle shoes from Stride Rite for Easter. I knew it was alot of money to spend for Easter shoes that he won't wear that often, but he HAD to have these shoes!!! :) This past summer my Grandma bought Jackson this precious white, smocked outfit from Strasburg Childrens that he is going to wear on Easter, that needed those saddle shoes.

I headed out for the mall today to bite the bullet and buy the shoes. Without thinking, I drove to Four Season's Mall, the mall I grew up going to. Well guess what, Stride Rite is at Hanes Mall. (Four Season's Mall is 25 minutes from the house one way, Hanes is 25 minutes from the house the other way). I was so mad... so to make myself feel better I went into Children's Place, my favorite kids clothing store, (everything is always on sale and everything is always 2 for $10, 3 for $15, etc.) and guess what... navy and white saddle shoes for $30 less than Stride Rite... woo hoo!!!! So Children's Place, thank you, for letting me get the shoes I wanted for a GREAT price!!!

Jackson will look precious on Easter... I'll make sure to post pictures!!!

Our Family... how cute!

Cameron's sweet sister Brooke got married this past August. I recently saw this picture of the kids at his sister Brittany's house and she emailed it to me along with our family picture from the wedding. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Are these cousins the cutest kids you've ever seen? They were so cute at the wedding!

The Happy Couple!

Since I have announced their engagement, and because they are so cute, I thought I would post a picture of David and Leda... 5 more months till the big day!!!!

This picture was taken when David went with Leda to Utah after Christmas to meet her family

Since I Know This is What you Really Want...

A quick little picture update of Jackson...

I just want to take a minute to talk about my sweetest boy. He is talking so much and seems like so much more of a little person, and is just as sweet as ever. He will stop about every 5 minutes during whatever he is doing to come and find me to give me a hug and kiss. He can be watching cartoons, playing at the park, or playing back in his room, and I can count on him coming to find me every few minutes to hug and kiss me... so sweet! His new favorite things to say are "no, okay, please, thank you, and sure"... he knows how to use them correctly and is very adamant when he uses them. It is so fun watching him grow up in front of my eyes every day!

Jackson has discovered that he loves to take pictures of himself and loves the flash of the camera. Every time it flashes in his face he laughs hysterically and when he's done taking pictures, there are usually about 15 or so of similar pictures to these on the camera.

On a particularly cold day last week I took Jackson to McDonald's so he could play in the playplace... the ice cream was his favorite part.

This was the shirt Jackson was going to wear on Valentine's Day... but we were sick!!! I put in on him tonight just so I could take some pictures. I had so many plans for a wonderful Valentines Day blog... you'll just have to look forward to next year :)

You Like me, You Really Like me!!!

For those of you who have been wondering... yes, I am alive!

Apparently, though, the only reason that anyone has been concerned is because I haven't blogged in 21 days... 3 weeks. I have received multiple calls and calls and multiple emails... "where are you", "are you okay", are you guys still alive", all followed by, "you haven't blogged in like 2 weeks!!!"

So I must apologize, but also say thank you... for reading my blog and for keeping up with me. I do have an excuse for 2 weeks of no blogging... the third week I was just slack, knowing that it would be time consuming once I blogged all that I've needed to blog over the last 3 weeks. I missed so much... Valentines Day, my first doctors appointment and ultrasound... so much to catch you up on...

Never again will I tell anyone that I feel so blessed that we never get sick... because just days after having that conversation I got the flu like nothing I have ever experienced in my life... for almost two weeks. I have never been that sick for that long. Than Jackson got it, so it lingered around for a while. Luckily, Cameron didn't get it.

So anyway, I'm back, and can't wait to catch you up on everything... just bear with me because it might take a while...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Best Day Ever #2

Okay, so if the car show was Jackson's most favorite day ever, than Tuesday at the park was a very close second.

Monday, it rained ALL day, and Tuesday was so nice, so some friends and I decided to take the kids to the park. Due to the above mentioned rain, the park was very muddy. It didn't take the boys long to discover it, and once they had, we knew there was no way to keep them out of it. They had a wonderful time, and we had a wonderful time watching them get as messy as they possibly could. Jackson doesn't usually like to be dirty, so it took him a few minutes, but once was in, he was all in! It really was a blast. At one point I looked at him and he was laying in it. Thank my friend Jennie for the pictures... she was the only one smart enough to have her camera. My friend, Royale told her mom that it would have been worth her getting in her car to come the boys, and the pure joy on their faces. Its I wish you could have all seen the excitement that took place at the park.

the dicovery... (Jackson with Jennie's son, Isaac)
Jackson, Isaac and Royale's son Arthur... who loved it so much... he ended up down to only a shirt and onsie by the end of things
We started calling them our three little pigs because they were rolling around in the mud

Jackson quite pleased with himself at the mess he has become
Once the muddy clothes were off... it was caked on his face so bad it wouldn't come off until I scrubbed him down in the bathtub. He's even more pleased to have no clothes on.

Rock-a-bye Baby

On Sunday night, we went to our friends' Jennie and Kevin's house for the Superbowl. Needless to say, Jackson was up later than usual, which made for him being really cranky and fussy on Monday. He has this bigwheel tricycle thing that he loves to ride aroung the house. Well, just before naptime, he was "popping wheelies" in the kitchen and fell backwards, banging in head on the kitchen floor... which sent him over the edge. It was the straw that bock the camels back for my sleepy, fussy boy. I went to his room and got his favorite blanket so that we could snuggle on the couch to help calm him down. He was so snuggly that I just sat there with him for about 20 minutes. I got up to load the dishwasher, so that I could lay down and take a nap when he did. When I walked back over to the couch 5 minutes later, this is what I found...

Is that the sweetest face you've ever seen?!
He has never done anything like this... he never sits still long enough to even think about this happening, so it was very precious!!


After a few requests I am taking Shannon's advice and blogging about the night that Cameron and I got engaged...

Let me start by saying that before we got engaged, we talked about it alot. We knew when we were going to get married, I knew which ring he was going to give me, so as my birthday approached, we discussed that we get engaged on my birthday (October 1) so as to get married in early January (the 3rd).

So, my birthday came, and was excited, yet nervous. We went to dinner at Kabuto (my most favorite restaurant... yumm-o) and were the first at our table to be seated. As we sat there alone, Cameron took out a small box and asked me if I wanted to open my birthday present. Ok, Courtney, breathe. I open the box, shaking to death, and there is a small blue Tiffany bag with a ring in it... a plain silver band ring that I had pointed out when we had gone on vacation me... NOT and engagement ring. I smailed graciously and thanked him, not wanting to show him my dissapointment.

As dinner progressed, I got increasingly more upset, I hardly ate, I hardly talked... apparently feeding in all too well to Cameron's plan for the evening. I told him that if he told the waitress it was my birthday, I would kill him. Well, she saw me open my present and put two and two together which meant that I got to stand up and do the chicken dance in front of the whole restaurant while they sang to me. I was so pissed off!!!

Once we got in the car, Cameron started talking about how he knew I was dissapointed, but he hadn't been able to get the ring... he wanted to make sure that everything was perfect, blah, blah, blah. Then he threw out the phrase that almost made me lose my mind... "maybe we can just get you a promise ring for now..." A freakin' promise ring, are you kidding me?! at this point, I had had enough. I let him know exactly what I thought. How could he do this to me...We had talked about it... we had planned it... me and mom and an appointment to look at Wedding cakes that weekend that I was going to have to cancel... what a mean thing to do to me, and on and on and on.

We got back to my house, and since I told peolpe I was going to get engaged, there were several people that had called me. David told me who had called and I told him (in a very ugly tone) that there was nothing to tell, nothing had happened. David didn't know what to say and just kept asking me what happened. I was so mad that I just said, "well I got a ring, but not the ring." Cameron showed David the ring and kept trying to tell David it was such a nice ring and I could tell David was like, "what?!" Then it happened... Cameron said... "that is a nice ring, but not as nice as this one" and then he was on his knee and asked me to marry him, holding out my beautiful engagement ring. I said, "yes, and I'm sorry I've been such a B**** all night." I felt terrible until Cameron said that he was going to give my real ring right after he'd given me my "present" except that I'd gotten so mad that he wanted tp make me sweat it out. So he was being mean. Looking back, it was so funny, but in the middle of it, I was so mad and dissapointed. But it all worked out, ans everything else wen as planned!!!


After realizing that its not just after 11:00 at night that I make horrible spelling mistakes, I will say that I will not be embarrassed anymore... because I know the problem.

So, continue to read this blog at your own risk.

I cannot type... there, I admit it, I can't. I'm awful. So there you go, take it or leave it, read it or not... I will say nothing more about my spelling mistakes, etc. I'm sure you don't want to hear anymore.