Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Worst Mother Ever

So I was making lunch today and of course the kids HAD o be in the kitchen with me and right under my feet. I was making under- the- broiler cheese sandwiches and was pulling the pan out of the oven. Caroline was directly to my right trying to pull something out from underneath the sink and Jackson was directly to my left messing with the microwave. I turned around to grab Caroline from pulling out the contents of the cabinet, with the pan still in my hand, and I grazed Jackson's cheek with it without realizing it until he started crying. I couldn't figure out what had happened until I looked at his cheek...

Hello, my name is Courtney and I burn my children with cookie sheets...

Poor thing!!!

My Little Monkey

There is a small table that we keep in Jackson's room that was actually David's and mine growing up. He loves it. Anyway, Jackson's little school class met here today so I brought it out to the litchen for them to do their coloring and have their snack. It hadn't been in the kitchen for 5 minutes when this is what I see...

Naughty girl!!! She is so much more into everything then Jackson EVER was. I am constantly worried that she is going to really hurt herself because she is all over EVERYTHING.

I'm beginning to wonder if we will have a Christmas tree this year!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you notice anything different about her?

Other than the fact that she is getting cuter by the day?

Take a closer look...

That's right, Caroline's ears are pierced. After much debate, I finally decided to pierce her ears, after my wonderful Aunt Kerry offerred to pay for it as her birthday present. And let me tell you... I think she looks even cuter than I imagined she would.

I wondered for a while if I had missed my window of opportunity, because she is at the age where she would mess with them, and that I should have done it when she was a baby. But, other than the initial crying when it first happened (to say she was mad would be an understatement) I don't think she even knows they are pierced. She doesn't mess with them at all and she lets me clean her ears and turn the earrings without a problem.

Plus she looks adorable!

Did I mention how cute she looks?!

A Walk to Remember

"We walk for the steps they will never take"
A couple weeks ago I went with Amy to the "Walk to Remember" put on by Heartstrings for infant loss. I showed up expecting to just walk, with maybe some sort of list of all those that had lost a baby. I never could have imagined what a sad but beautiful day it would turn out to be.

I also never could have imagined just how many families are affected and how many people lose children.

The day started out with a speaker and a man who had lost a child performing a song he had written. I am still amazed at the calm and serenity that you could almost touch.
Each parent or family that had lost a baby was given a memory charm that was made for their child. At a certain point in the program, their was a memorial service where each shild name was read and their parents were able to able to hang the charm on a tree. There were over 500 familes there that had been affected in some way.

These are Emma and Josh's charms

Before the walk started, a preacher was Westover Church was asked to give a prayer, and even now as I think back to that prayer, I am touched by the spirit. It was one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. I know that the presense of our Heavenly Father was felt by all who were there.

Here is the group of us that walked on "Team McKinney twins."
Julie, Amy, Me, Orena, Charlotte, Bonnie, Erin and Heather

Along the way, each child's name was listed again

Here's Amy acting goofy... excited to be done with the mile and a half walk.

Each family also made a quilt square for the quilt that will be put together.

Heather, Erin, Amy and me.
I feel so honored to have been a part of such a wonderful event. I can only hope that it can help in the healing process for those who are greiving.

At the end of the day, we were looking at the quilt squares and Amy was talking to another woman, and the woman knew who Amy was. After Emma and Josh died, Amy published the blog that she had written after their birth and death and the hospital asked to have some copies that they could give to other grieving mothers. This woman recognized the names on Amy's quilt sqaures and asked if tshe was the one that had written the book. I felt truly amazed in that moment it my dear friend Amy. During the hardest thing that she will probably ever go through, she has found so much strength, and has helped to bring strength and comfort to others.

I love you, Amy!

Just because they're cute!!!

Even Jackson gets in on the sweet hugging action from Caroline

Jackson had this Cars chair and our neighbor just gave us one with the Disney Princesses on it. They love sitting together and watching movies!

I'm so blessed to have such sweet children... even when they drive me crazy. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Dabid

Just in case you ever wondered, I have THE BEST brother EVER!!!

I Love you, David!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm 28!!!

And it's starting out to be a great year!

My birthday lasted for 3 days this year... what a lucky girl I am!!!

On Tuesday Amy took me out for dinner and a movie. We, of course went to Kabuto, our special place, and had so much fun!!!

happy to be at Kabuto... yummy!

After dinner, Amy took us to see Final Destination in 3-D. I felt 16 again seeing a scary movie with my BFF!

don't we look cute?!

What a fun way to start my birthday!

On Wednesday I left for Mom's house, where she had some fun planned.
Its been a while since I got to go on a trip by myself...
isn't it amazing how little I had to pack?!

Mom took me to see Julie and Julia. As much as I love watching The Food Network, etc. I was excited, and it did not disappoint! I highly recommend it! It made me want to read the book and cook all of Julia Child's recipes.

Mom and me at the movie

We woke up Thursday morning and headed to one of my favorite places... Blowing Rock, NC.

It is a wonderful place to walk, shop, eat, relax and just get away from it all. I love it so much I think I might move there...

let me zoom in on that a closer for you...

yes, that says, $3,500,000. So maybe I won't be moving there, but I'll visit any chance I get.

Mom and I spent the most perfect day with perfect weather walking, shopping, laughing, eating and smelling! Yes, I said smelling...
Like the sign says, they have the most fabulous chocolates, fudge and ice cream, and they literally pump the delightful smell outside. The minute you get out of the car, you are starving and craving fudge and ice cream...

you can't go to Blowing Rock without peppermint crunch ice cream from Kilwins!

Thank you, mom for making my birthday so fun!!!

After sitting in horrible Charlottel traffic so I could get home before my kids went to bed, I finally got home to very tired kids and this...
(I love how Caroline's said "Caroline loves Mama" and Jackson's says "Jackson loves Courtney" since thats what he calls me!)

And these...
It meant so much to me to celebrate with Cameron and my kids, too! Thank you, bunny!

And then, to add a perfect ending to an already perfect birthday, David and Leda got me these...

Coldstone cupcakes! I guess that's one of the perks of having a brother who works at Colstone! And yes, they do taste as good as they look!

I also received many cards, phone calls, emails and well-wishes! I feel so loved and I truly feel that I could not have had a better birthday!!!