Sunday, November 29, 2009

You thought she looked like her Daddy before?

How about now?!

side note: we did not do this... she was done eating her cupcake, and this is exactly what she looked like!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

How grateful I am on this day for all my many blessings... both big and small!

Our fabulous day started with brunch with the Howards (and some Reeses too)

Then we made our way to David and Leda's new home where we had dinner with them, mom, and Leda's sister , Jenna and her family. And of course we had to take some family pictures...

I love Jackson's face in this one! Ha!

Me and my Mama!!!

my turkey cake... not my best, but I didn't have alot of time today! :) It sure was yummy, though!

I hope today was a happy day for your family as well!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

SHe Keeps me on my Toes!

It's a good thing Caroline is so cute, because she is so naughty!!! She is constantly into things, up on things and making messes. She refuses to play with things... she wants to always be into something...

I was recently making brownies and I look over and this is what I see... she has pulled the cocoa off the counter and dumped it on herself. I was in the kitchen when this happened, and didn't even hear her. It earned her the nickname "Ninja monkey"

This is just a picture I snapped after she fell asleep in her booster... so cute

Caroline loves to climb up on to Jackson's top bunk and play with toys. Being up there is literally time she will be still and play. She gets up there all on her own and loves it. She was up there the other day and everything got really quiet. You guessed it,

She fell fast asleep on the top bunk!

One of my favorite things is that she LOVES to clean up. She will stop whatever she is doing if she sees us cleaning up to come help. This is not the best video, but she looks really cute and you get the idea.

Turkey Lurkey

Jackson's Nanny called him Turkey Lurkey the last time we went to visit. So, when he made this hat at pre-school he went around telling everone he was a turkey lurkey!


Does Seeing "New Moon" twice in less than 24 hours make me a loser?!

I don't think so, because it was awesome!!! On Thursday night, Amy and I saw "Twilight" at 9:00 and then "New Moon" at midnight. This picture is of us just before "New Moon" started! Then, I went with a group of ladies on Friday at 7:00. It was a ton of FUN!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pretty close, huh?

Sid the Science Kid

My Sid the Science Kid... this is the ONLY time he wore the blue hair that I spent FOREVER making. Oh well, atleast I got one picture!

A pink flower

My pink flower.... and unlike Jacckson, she LOVED her flower headband. I think she knew she looked pretty!


We were at Cade and Brittany's house last night for Teagan's blessing and of course, everyone was there. Baby Dylan was there, and he is the only other baby in the family that is big like Jackson was. I love to hold him and squeeze him because he reminds me so much of Jackson. I made me want to come home and look at pictures of Jackson's fatness... He was soooo cute.

My favorite part is all the bracelets he had from head to toe. What a fatty!


The batteries fell out of my camera somewhere as we were trick-or-treating. It's alwys something with me and batteries...

Anyway, I only got a couple pictures of the kids before it happened, and I will post them as soon as I get more batteries today!