Monday, July 28, 2008

36 1/2 weeks

My stomach looks really funny in this picture...oh well, and it was really muggy this day, so please just pretend that my hair looks good :)

I went to the doctor today, and I am dilated to a 2. So not a huge deal, but I guess things are moving right along. Her head is really low and ever since the doctor checked me today, I've hardly been able to sit down.

At this point she can't get here soon enough. I'm very excited and I can't wait to bring her home, and I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore. I feel like a horrible mom, because I never take Jackson outside to play because its too freakin hot. So, I'm sure he'll be glad when I'm not pregnant anymore, too.

I'll keep you posted a s things progress, and hopefully before three weeks is up we will have a sweet baby girl!!!


As you all know, my middle name is May, and Caroline's will be also. "May" is after my great-grandmother, May Bartlett Rogerson, whom I never knew. She died when my grandfather, "Barn" was only two years old. I don't know much about her, but I know she was a nurse and that she died of TB. I have always been very proud to have her name. My aunt, Kim, also has the May for her middle name, which means Barn's first daughter, first granddaughter, and first great-granddaughter all have the middle name May.

At my baby shower, my mom gave me three beautiful pictures of May, and I put them on Caroline's wall, and I just wanted to show them off. The picture I took is not very good, so maybe I will scan the pictures so they can really be seen. They are so special to me, and I'm so happy that Caroline will grow up seeing them, and knowing how special her name is.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

33 weeks

This picture was taken at 33 weeks and I'm now almost 37 weeks... maybe if I'm feeling particularly cute this weekend I'll take a new picture! :)

Baby Shower

Lasr weekend, a few of my sweet friends threw me a baby shower at church. It was so nice, and I was so overwhelmed with the generosity and love everyone showed me. I was definitely spoiled. It was such a fun time, and I hope everyone had a great time... I know I did!

The adorable (and delicious) cake

didn't everything look so great?!

Dalene (my mom-in-law) me, and mom

the family shot... Christal (married to Cameron's brother, Christopher), Jenifer (engaged to Cameron's brother, Colby) Brittany (Cameron's sister), Dalene, me, mom Leda (David's wife) and Dianne (my stepmom)

July 4th

We spent some time on the Fourth of July with my Dad and Stepmom, Dianne. Jackson loves to spend with time with them, and we had alot of fun that day. They were so nice to have us over as they had literally moved into their house two days earlier.

As goes the story of my life, I was not prepared and I only got a few pictures before my batteries died.
This is Jackson with Tyndall, one of their two Great Danes. Jackson finally believes that they are dogs rather than Cows, and he really likes them.

Due to a lack of tables... :)

My Fourth of July coconut cake

He thought the sparklers were great... this is the last picture I got before my camera died... this picture does capture how much fun he had.

If I Ran the Zoo...

My cousin, Caitlin, had a birthday while we were out in Utah, so one day we had a "girls' day" and Cameron took Jackson to the Zoo. He had a WONDERFUL time!!!

Cameron usually doesn't get to do that kind of thing of Jackson, so Iam so glad they were able to have a "father and son" day. Cameron is such a great daddy and Jackson sure loves him!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wedding Bells...

Well, now that they have been married almost a month, I thought it would be a good idea to finally blog about the wonderful time we had in Utah for David and Leda's wedding. It was a wonderful week and everything was so beautiful... especially Leda!

You know me, so of course you know that I did not have my camera as often as I should, but I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I was able to get.

Jackson on Temple Square... he always finds the time to play with his cars!!!
We took a tour of Welfare Square... and even got to sample the food

David and Leda as they were coming out of the temple

The bride and groom... and of course I did not get any pictures of the temple... sorry

My beautiful boy walking around Temple Square the morning of the wedding

Jackson made a friend on the airplane...did I mention he was an ANGEL... I kept expecting a melt-down, but it never happened... he was such a good boy.

I am so happy that we were able to make the trip to Salt Lake City and share in such a happy occasion. I am so grateful that David and Leda moved the wedding up a couple of weeks so I was able to go. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I love my little brother so much and am so happy that he fould such a wonderful companion!!!

This Picture Needed its Own Post!

Jackson DOES NOT like to wear clothes, and is always asking me to take off his shirt and/or pants. Apparently he has discovered his inner redneck.

I checked in on him during his nap the other day, and this is what I found...

Just Because He's SO Cute!!!

Gone Fishin'

Jackson loves fish, so I decided that we (I) would do something fun and crafty.

We (I) made these cute fish bowls with Jello and Swedish Fish... it was actually really fun, and Jackson thought they were delicious!!!

Father's Day

I know this post is late, but better late than never, right?!

We had a really great Father's Day, and it was fun to have a big enough kid to make fun presents for Daddy...
Jackson LOVED making this shirt for Cameron, and when Cameron wore it on Father's Day, Jackson realized it was the shirt he had made, and was so excited!

My Papa and Grandma were able to spend a little time with us that day and it was wonderful to be with my husband, my dad, and my Papa on Father's Day!

I mad a BIG breakfast for dinner. This is the aftermath... I would say it was a success! It was YUMMY!