Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Days of Courtney. Day #4

A picture of my night...

My nights are usually pretty much the same. After the kitchen is clean and the kids are in bed,


1. Go to the tanning bed. I know its a horrible habit, but it is my favorite part of the day. I'm just not ready to give it up.

2. Curl up on the couch and have a date with my DVR

and 3. Curl up in my bed and drift off into never never land. Probably my 2nd favorite part of the day. I love turning my loud fan on and going to sleep!

is that the prettiest bed?! I might never get out if I had a bed like this!

Friday, January 28, 2011

30 Days of Courtney. Day #3

A picture of the cast from my favorite show...

It's no secret that I really enjoy watching TV. When Cameron and I first got married, we watched TV on bunny ears and got about 5 channels. And, I was okay with that. I didn't care that much about TV, thought it was a waste of money and had no desire for a nice TV or cable or sattelite.

When we bought our house a little over 5 years ago, we got Dish Network, and listen to me when I say that I will never go back to bunny ears. I love my DVR... I can watch everything I want. And what I like the most is reality TV. Insert you eye-rolling here. Its fine.

I look forward the most to Tuesday night and "The Biggest Loser." It is a wonderful show.


And I love Bob and Gillian!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!

Amy's mom, Charlotte turned 60 last week.

A few of us girls surprised her by taking her to her favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch and having a birthday cake. (You had to know this blog would continue to be filled with cakes). It was so fun to sit and girl talk and talk about fun memories we all have of each other.

30 Days of Courtney. Day #2

A picture of me and someone I have been close with for a while...

Although I haven't known Amy my entire life, sometimes I don't even realize it, because it feels like she has always been there. When I was twelve-years-old, I met Amy through a new friend I had made named Amanda. Though Amanda and I are no longer friends, I will forever be grateful to her for introducing me to Amy who is a lifelong friend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30 Days of Courtney

So, in an effort to return to blogging, I am trying something new that I saw on my cousin, Shannon's blog. Each day for 30 days, you will learn something new about me. Won't that be fun?!

Day 1: A picture of myself with 15 facts about me...

1. I have to sleep with a big, loud box fan, and
2. I have been known to pack one in my suitcase if neccesary
3. I love to eat ice... all the time... as in addicted to it
4. I singlehandedly keep the chapstick/lipgloss industry in business. I have eight tubes in my purse right now
5. I love my kids, but don't really enjoy being a stay-at-home-mom
6. I love to sing and sometimees feel as though I missed my calling in life
7. I love anything mint- flavored
8. I have pectus carinatum, which affects 1 in 400 people, but only 1 out of 5 cases occur in women
9. I do kick-boxing every day
10. I love watching all the MTV reality shows
11. I make homemade bread every friday. We have bread with peanut butter and jam for dinner and it is my favorite meal of the week
12. I've known I was going to name my son Jackson since I a kid
13. I love doing my make-up
14. If I could, I would go to bed at 8:00 every night
15. I love Lifetime movies

So, come back tomorrow and find out something you may or may not know about me.

Here We go Again...

Just some pictures to catch you up on the last couple months...
My Ms. Poatato Head

Happy Birthday Brittany!!!

Its the only way to keep her quiet

My crazy, naked babies

Baby Dylan and me on Christmas Eve

White Trash Bash

Howard Family picture

Jackson pretending to be a mannequin (sp?) at Old Navy

Our White Christmas

another cake!

Avett Bros. on New Years Eve!!!