Monday, September 1, 2008

As Promised

Caroline May Howard
August 24, 2008
6 lbs 15 oz 19 inches

My baby Jackson, too


Wendi said...

Welcome Little Caroline!!!

You "done" good Courtney!
She is beautiful.
We are all so happy for you and your sweet family.
We are planning to come for her blessing in October.

I love that she is already a drama queen in that last photo...move over Claire! (lol)

Shannon (and Ross) said...

She is gorgeous! I love the "baby" pictures of Jackson. What a funny kid. How are YOU doing?

Kim said...

Omigosh she's such a peanut! But a beautiful one at that. :o) I can't wait to love on her when y'all come to Atlanta for Les Miz.

Caroline May's Great Aunt (does that make me old?) Kimmy May

JoandDoug said...

Hi Courtney. It's Leda's sister-in-law Joanna. I hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog. Congrats on your baby! She's a doll and I totally love the name! She was born the day after my little girl Sophia's birthday. August birhtdays are the best. Good luck with two kids! Say hi to the newlyweds for me.

Lindsay Family said...

She is beautiful and very tiny! You looked amazing the other night at the reception. Congrats to your family.

Cade and Brittany said...

We are all so excited to have Caroline come to our family. She is beautiful and you look great!