Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #10

So, here I am again. Geez. Even when I decide to make a commitment to blogging, I just can't seem to make it happen.

Anyway, Day #10... a picture of the person you do the craziest things with (or for, as I chose to do).

This was our attempt Dec. '09 to get a family Christmas picture. It didn't work out so well and just reminds me of the crazy things we do with/for our kids.

I immediately thought of a time I was pregnant with Jackson... a time when I acted crazy for him and he wasn't even born. We had just bought out house and found out he was a boy so the room had to be painted. We weren't in the house yet, and were using the last month of our lease to clean/paint/decorate the house before we actually moved in. I was making 45 minute trips to the house every night after work to Lowes, etc. and doing alot of painting. This particular night, I went to buy paint... white paint that I was going to color match for his very blue room. I go to the shelf and there is NO flat white paint. NONE. Well, I wasn't having it. I was pregnant, tired, hungry and just made a wasted trip (doing something that ends up being a waste of my time is the biggest pet peave I have) and I was not leaving without that dern paint. So there I was in all my "pregnant-ness" literally climbing the paint shelves looking for that white paint and cussing and crying at the same time. I think back on that night and laugh at how rediculous I acted... all for my son who was still in my stomach :)


Amber said...

That paint story is funny. We moved in to our house 10 days before Micah was born. He was due on a Monday, and, that Saturday before, we were finally able to paint the nursery. We did a border with a color above it and white below. Well, Joe spilled the paint down the wall where it was supposed to be white. So, I frantically run to Sherwin Williams, where we are supposed to get a free quart of our white paint color for touchups since it was a new house. They close at 5:00 and I walk in at 4:45. The salesman informs me (remember....9 months pregnant me) that the free paint is only available at the OTHER Sherwin Williams across town. I can't make it before the close and they will be closed on Sunday and the baby is due Monday. I tell the salesman all this as I'm bawling my eyes out. He ended up giving me the free paint :)

Marti Family said...

Haha!!! Everyone seems to have decore issues while pregnant. Since we didn't find out I was pregnant until I was almost 4 months along it was a huge rush to get everything done. Frank kept telling me it doesn't have to be done now and of course being the crazy pregnant woman I was it had to be done NOW!! So Frank told me that he would paint Frankie's room when he got home friday night. Well Thursday when he got home I was 8 Months VERY VERY pregnant on a ladder painting that room! He was so mad, but I had to have it done right then! I still love his room...makes me sooo happy. Sometimes I just walk by and have to take a moment just to look in. Happiest room ever!